Tarpaulins for agriculture

Tarpaulin for rolling roofs | Tarpaulin for seed container | Tarpaulin for fertilizer spreader | Tarpaulin for tractor | Tarpaulin for cattle trailer

Agricultural machines, vehicles and tools often need covers made of PVC or similar fabrics.

As our company has originally begun with manufacturing tarpaulins for grain transports, we see ourselves as experts for any roller tarpaulin and general tarpaulins for agricultural machines.

Our high quality tarpaulins fascinate by the following essential quality characteristics:

  • high-tear-out force
  • high low-temperature/heat-resistant (-40°C / + 70°C)
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Flame-resistant according to DIN 4101 B1 (optional)

Whether you need a roller tarpaulin for your trailer, agricultural machine or tractor – we are happy to assist you and reassure you that we will develop the most optimal solution, from measurement to final assembly.

Product examples Seed container
Product examples Fertilizer spreader